Chartbook: Governor's Proposed 2014-15 Budget

2014-15 Proposed General Fund Budget is $29.4 Billion, a 3,3% IncreaseAnalysis of Governor Corbett’s Proposed 2014-15 Budget

Media Statement on Budget

Other Updates from PA Budget Day 2014

Governor Tom Corbett presented a $29.4 billion 2014-15 budget proposal today to a joint session of the General Assembly. The charts below offer some broad details on the proposal and proposed higher education funding.

Funding Tables

View PBPC's tables detailing funding levels in the Governor's 2014-15 budget compared to prior fiscal years.

General Fund By Department

Education Funding

Health & Human Services

Charts and Infographics

Below are charts and infographics providing a first look at the details in the Governor's plan.

Higher Education Spending 21% Lower than in 2008-09 PreK-12 Funding (Less Pensions) Still Below 2008-09 Level
Infographic: More Dollars for Prisons than Colleges in Governor's 2014-15 Budget Despite a Decade of Business Tax Cuts, PA's Job Growth Ranking Has Not Improved