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June 28, 2012

Today’s Supreme Court ruling is a victory for millions of Pennsylvania families, seniors and small business owners. 

June 28, 2012

Today's Supreme Court ruling means 30 million Americans who might otherwise be uninsured will have access to affordable quality coverage, while tens of millions more will get better coverage and stronger consumer protections. Join us for events across Pennsylvania today and Friday where consumers will respond to the ruling.

June 26, 2012

While policymakers decline to restore more funds to human services or preserve life-saving programs like General Assistance, they are using limited taxpayer dollars to give additional tax breaks to businesses and subsidies to private schools.

June 15, 2012

The U.S. Supreme Court will rule in the coming weeks on a legal challenge to the federal Affordable Care Act. The Pennsylvania Health Access Network has a great web page with everything you need to know about the Supreme Court challenge.

May 9, 2012

The Pennsylvania Senate approved a $27.6 billion budget plan today by a vote of 39-8. The plan improves upon the budget proposed by Governor Corbett, but deep cuts to education and health services remain.

May 9, 2012

The Pennsylvania Senate approved a $27.6 billion budget plan that improves upon the budget proposed by Governor Corbett but is particularly disappointing in health and human services funding.

March 7, 2012

The Pennsylvania Senate Insurance Committee approved Senate Bill 10 today, and the full Senate may take it up next week. This bill would make the individual responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

February 8, 2012

The Governor's budget eliminates a major benefit program for low-income Pennsylvanians, while combining and cutting several health and human service programs administered by counties.

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